Tell us about yourself
I’m an aspiring chaos creator and a self-proclaimed deviser. I make stuff in the funnest (and funniest) way possible. Anything. Anything at all. I run DnD sessions on livewire on occasion. So grab a sheet and lessgo!

How long have you been on LW for?
I have been on livewire for nearly two years! I joined in May 2022 and it’s insane how long it has been. If you had said to 5 year old me in the PICU, that i’d find a website full of people just like me in their own, unique way. I would have said you were joking.




What does LW mean to you?
Everything. I’ve met people who I can talk to and relate when I say “haha, today my body woke up and chose violence.”  Everyone has been through their own thing. Everyone can relate to each other and not have to worry about other people who are uninformed telling you that you’re overreacting. That means everything.

What would you tell someone thinking about joining?
Do it. Trust me. It is so worth it. We are the best group you’ll ever meet. I was terrified to join at first. I’d see a call from Starlight to confirm everything and I’d freak. The toughest decision was to pick up that phone and share my story.and it was worth it.(plus you get free stuff hehehehehehehehe)